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            22 Responses to “Asteria Lite”

            1. Umm says:

              Is there a way to remove the footer with the credit back to the author’s website. I do want to help the author and this is a beautiful theme, but the website it is for cannot have unattributed and unrelated web links….

              1. You can remove that credit link by editing a theme file called footer.php (Dashboard -> Appearance -> Editor)

                find the following code (use Ctrl + F), and delete it.

                hope that helps!

                1. Umm says:

                  Yay it worked you’re a star, thank you ever so much.

                  1. Here too, there is a simple way for editing the footer links, go to Dashboard -> Theme Options -> Basic

                    scroll to bottom, add your texts in the “Footer Copyright Text” box. pretty simple!

                    Apologies for the hard way!

            2. Umm says:

              I have another question: what do I do to use the exact same font with which the word “Asteria’ is written in the live preview website in my title?

              1. It might be a small bug from the developer, you need to remove a “!” from a theme file.

                Go to your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Editor. click on the functions.php on the right. and find the following code.

                see a “!” in if ( !get_option( ‘asteria’ )) { code? remove that “!” and save it.

                so the final code will become,

                save your files, it will be all okay then.

                let me know if you need any more help.


                1. Umm says:

                  It did work actually even before I removed the extra exclamation mark because in the tyopgraphy settings in Asteria options the font actually appeared, which is kind of strange as when I forst downloaded the them only a few fonts were loading and cinzel decorative was NOT among them? could it be that fonts take some time to appear somehow? (sorry if this is a silly question).

                  My other little issue is that the font I have under Cinzel decorative does not seem to be exactly the one from the theme. I really love how the capital L and the capital Q look like but on mine they do not look like that at all. Mine is similar to this but I need the fancy L and z and Q that are visible underneath in the description and in the demo. Do you what I have done wrong?

                  1. Oops, that was a mistake from me, i didn’t checked it’s Theme Options that much… anyway, it’s great that it works for you.

                    And, about those font problems, hope you are asking about the fonts on that slider, right?
                    i couldn’t test those slider on my local wp site (some problem with image uploading,etc), try switching the text styles under “Slide Text Layout” (that Layout1, Layout2, Layout3 option).

                    let me know whether it helped it or not, i will test it on my server then, kinda busy with some theme developments now.

                    happy theming!

            3. Umm says:

              Also, would there be a way for me to have the homepage slider on everypage without upgrading to the Pro version? There is a shortcode to do that but it says I need the Pro version for that…

              1. to show that slider on other pages, go to theme editor, and open index.php, and delete following codes.

                then open head4.php, and paste above code to the bottom of that page.

                save it, it will be all okay now.

                let me know if you find any troubles there.


            4. Nick says:

              How can I use custom font in logo ?
              “Custom CSS” is overwritten by “Typography Settings”
              Custom css:
              @font-face { font-family: myfont; src: url(/fonts/myfont.ttf); }

              .logo h1 a, .logo h2 a{ font-weight:bold; font-family: myfont}

              1. Hi,

                are you sure that your fonts are not listed in that Theme Options?

                if so, try adding !important tag in your style.

                for example,

                hope that helps!

                1. Nick says:

                  Very nice!
                  1. The font field in options must be empty.
                  2. “important!” in custom css.

                  Thank you very much 😉

            5. Nick says:

              Hi. I have a problem with homepage slider.
              Strange things happen.
              Images does not appear on mobile devices. =(
              But yesterday everything worked well.
              Text is ok.
              There are no new plugins installed.

              1. Hi, seems like you fixed it as i can see slider in my mobile (using Opera Mini browser).


            6. Giorgio says:

              Hi, i would be able to change the font family on the pages’ contents i’m creating, but cannot locate in which file and where is the code that sets these informations by default.
              can you help?
              thanks a lot

            7. huber says:

              I have bought a pro version , I choose the header type 3 , but when I test the bing webmaster to check the SEO ,I check my index page and it said that I lost title and <img source="pic.gif" alt="Can accurately represent the image, and a descriptive keyword text" how should I fix it?

              1. Hi,

                I am not familiar with Bing Webmaster Tools, so i can’t help you on this.

                BTW, If you have bought the pro version, you can get support from it’s developer –


            8. Warren Fernandez says:


              I am unable to save pictures for slider …after hitting “save” the page refreshes and the pictures are gone. And cannot see the pictures on the main page….double checked every option to make sure slider is “on”. Please help!

              Thank you

              1. Warren Fernandez says:

                Sorry I figured it out through the author’s support: needed to change Settings>Readings>Latest post!

            9. Angie says:

              Hi, I’m having trouble with the drop down menu. The sub menu disappears when the mouse hovers above them and there seems to be a big gap between the parent page and the sub page. Seems like the slider is interfering with this action. Any help is appreciated.


              1. Hi there,

                Is it displays different from the demo?

                probably some plugin conflicts there, try deactivating all and check whether it works or not.

                if that doesn’t solves, please reply with your site URL.


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