Hueman is a free theme that am still find it hard to believe as a free one. it's really a fantastic wordpress theme aimed for magazine sites. comes with a truly responsive layout and plenty of other awesome features.








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            hueman free responsive magazine wordpress theme
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            57 Responses to “Hueman”

            1. shawlang says:

              The theme is so wonderful,thank for very much.Just one piece of advice,could the featured catagories be flash or auto slider?

              1. Shawlang,

                Sorry for the late reply.

                About your query, i don’t know what you mean by flash there, if you want to make it auto slide, follow the instructions here –

                if you have any more queries, please get in touch with it’s developer from here –

                Hope that helps!

            2. Adil Meo says:

              what a beautiful theme ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks

            3. Sir i am facing problem in featured image. featured image which i set does not appears proper photo it gets cut fro upper and lower side and then it is showed so what should i do now???

              1. Hi there, try using a plugin like Regenerate Thumbnails –

                Regenerate all thumbnails from your Dashboard -> Tools -> Regen. Thumbnails

                let me know whether it helped or not.


                1. sir as i mentioned in your google plus account i am facing mainly 2 major problems that is first i am not able to change paragraph between two headings and cannot able to add you tube videos as earlier

                  1. Hi there,

                    did you used any new plugins there or made any changes to theme files?

                  2. no sir i did not change any thing from theme files and i installed only few plugins like analytics fb pop up box simple social plugins lang translator

                  3. Try deactivating installed plugins one by one, probably it’s a plugin conflict, let me know the result.


            4. Sir i did regenerate thumbnails but did not worked at all is there any another way for that. ???

              1. Hi,

                seems like it was coded to crop images to 720 x 340 dimension.

                to change that, download this child theme –

                install & activate it, then Regenerate Thumbnails again.

                let me know how it goes.

                btw, i have a name!


                1. did not get what exactly should i do….???
                  Ya i know you have a name but i m used to it can’t help it out!!!

                  1. =)

                    just download that theme from the above link, install it as you install other themes, and active it. then regenerate thumbnails again. is that clear?

                    let me know if you still didn’t get my instruction.


                  2. Sir can we just talk on facebook or gmail…..wanted to talk to you once…???

            5. Sir i just mailed you please chech it out……
              Thank you for being such a responsive human!!!

              1. sorry for the delays, am online now, we can sort it out in some minutes if you can come on Google+ now.


            6. Karl says:

              Thanks for this responsive piece of beautiful.
              Where do I edit Comments section? Nothing I need at comments.php.

              1. Karl says:

                Turns out this Theme using WordPress comments template. Brill. Thanks. (:

            7. Siddhant says:

              Thank you for this theme. Itโ€™s cool B).
              However, I am getting some trouble getting it up on my website . My social sharing buttons arenโ€™t showing up.
              Any suggestion?

              1. Siddhant says:

                hey, i got it.
                Thanks tho. ๐Ÿ™‚

                1. MM says:

                  Hi, Siddhant. I’m a blogger from the Philippines. May I know how you worked on that social sharing buttons? (in the left side, right besides “follow”) Been working on it for an hour now but still no luck.

                  1. Siddhant says:

                    Go to your wordpress dashboard < Appearence < Theme Options < Social links. Click on edit button. Give a title to it.
                    In Icon Name, click on [view all] below "Font Awesome icon names ". Type the name of the icon you want to select . For example – " fa-facebook" for a facebook icon. Paste the destination link in the "Link" section, where you want to redirect. Select icon colour and you're done.
                    Don't forget to click on Save changes.

                    Write me again if you need further assistance. ๐Ÿ™‚

            8. Thiruvel says:

              Hi Saleem….

              Its me again.. now having few questions on this template. Is there a way I can add some content above the slider ? If so how ?

              Please help.

            9. Sarath says:

              Hi Sir,
              Can I get the demo content file(.xml).
              It would be so kind of you if you could please provide the link

              Thank You

            10. Thiruvel says:

              Take a look at the website salam, – it comes out good but when I try to autoplay the slider, it says some fatal error. How to fix that ?

            11. Ashmita Dobariya says:

              Any documentation guide or sample xml file ?

            12. This is a very beautiful theme. Thanks for sharing!

            13. Erick says:

              beautiful theme. Thanks for sharing!

            14. Erick says:

              hi sir … i got some trouble
              i want to add a little look to our streaming radio on the top of the menu, can you provide a solution ?? thanks

            15. said says:

              hey there I just want to say thank so much fot that great theme

              I have a question please , how can I put adsense code in the articles and thanks

              1. Hi there,

                to add adsense (or any ads) in your posts, there are many ways to do it.

                wpbeginner have a good post on this –

                they specify both (via plugin and manually) ways there.

                hope that helps.

                and, you can always search on WordPress Plugin page for a good plugin –


            16. Shahriar says:

              I am in a little trouble with my blog because I am new in wordpress. There are a slot named social on the left sidebat of my blog but don’t know how to add social links on that slot. Here is my blog. Please help…!

              1. Hi there,

                it’s pretty easy to add those, just go to your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Theme Options -> Social Links.

                and, add appropriate Font Awesome icons there –

                for example, add fa-facebook to show a facebook icon there.
                more info –

                hope that helps!

            17. vinodh says:

              I am a regular wordpress user.
              have many domains.
              I couldnt believe that hueman theme is free.
              I saw the theme in a popular news website(india based).
              they use this. i saw the generated code (html) in their website and came to know that they use hueman.
              thanks a lot.

            18. Martin says:

              Hello from Bavaria,
              thank you for this good-looking theme. Just one question: What’s the recommended size for a header image, to keep this responsive.

              Best regards

            19. Sumit says:

              hi, blog created @, i restored same website on other subdomain

              it shows everything properly , but when i login in wp-admin to edit pages etc. it goes in wordpress admin panel . help me to get it in new subdomain panel .

                1. sumit says:

                  Dear sir, Kindly kindly help me to get out of this not getting exactly what can i do. help to get out of it.

                  1. Hi there,

                    How did you copied your site to new one? copied the folders from your cpanel/ftp? please explain as much as possible.

                  2. Or, if you can send your login details (both your site’s and cPanel) i can look onto it.

                    use the contact form to send the details –


            20. Jarek says:

              Hi there. Is it possible to have selectable language versions? Example Polish / English?

              1. Hi there,

                I personally don’t have any experience with Multi-lingual sites. but, there seems many plugins that do those things.

                This one is the best & easy one, but seems broken now, anyway try it, it has option to add translations manually.
                you can also display your translation like,, etc.

                some other plugins:

                Hope that helps!

                And, i can help you if you have any styling/position queries!


              2. yeah its possible to make your site adaptable to a specific language of your choice but for that your theme should be compatible with WPML ,WPML compatible sites supports every language. The market place that i know produces many wpml compatible theme the marketplace is Themeforest, well im also currently using a wpml enable theme for my blog

            21. I installed this theme few days ago. I’m getting this problem now. The images and posts I uploaded previous to installing this theme are fine yet the images in the posts after installing this theme are appearing bigger than their actual size. Hence the resulting image is middle part of the image cutting the upper and lower part of the image. Can you help me in getting rid of this problem?

              1. Hi,

                Go to your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Editor. and open functions.php, find following;

                replace it with

                Save it.

                Then, install a plugin like to regenerate your thumbnails to new sizes.

                Feel free to ask if you find any troubles there.


            22. Thanks for instant reply. I’ve done as you said. Now, the images are not cutting from upper and lower side but they’re still appearing bigger than the actual size(only the images that are uploaded after installing the theme). How can I display the original size or optimized size of the images now? Will I need to regenerate thumbnail every time I upload an image?

              1. Just regenerate thumbnails once, all your newly uploaded thumbs will have the new size you set in functions.php file. that plugin is to resize already uploaded images.

                hope it’s clear now!

                p.s – you don’t need to use WP Touch, your theme is responsive, and display well in small screens.

                1. Hi Saeed,

                  Can you see the quality of my posts images other than the latest three posts? They’re are much better than the latest three posts images. How can I improve these images so they can be comparable to my other posts images present on my website?

            23. sumit says:

              Server Error
              404 – File or directory not found.
              The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

              i have created website @ โ€“ now 150 + pages created , current Permalink is default โ€“ now i am going to change Permalink , when i am going to select Post name, its going to change page links , but showing error page not found.

              i want solution โ€“ all pages want to switch from default to Post name โ€“ Permalink
              help to get out of this. On URGENT Basis

              1. Hi Sumit,

                Please ask your general queries on support forums. you will get fast replies from experts.



            24. Brandon says:


              I’m trying to get my images in the left pane and right pane as per your design

              Can you tell me how to set these left and right panes to as yours?


              1. Hi Brandon,

                Asking about those right and left post lists with thumbnails? they are widgets added from Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets.

                Just drag appropriate widgets to the left or right sidebars!


            25. joy777 says:

              Hi Saeed,

              I have no problem in regenerating the thumbnails (images) to show them in sidebars.

              My problem is the video thumbnails. It is showing a rectangular image size with video icon. How do we show video thumbnails in small square images in the right sidebar without video icons?

              1. Hi there,

                why do you want to do so? isn’t it better to have that video icon for video posts?
                anyway, adding

                will hide it.

                don’t forget to add the id or class of the container before that. i mean, if you want to disable that icon while using those alx tabs widget (like you asked), add following code in custom css option.

                note that this will hide other icons too.

                theme document page is here –

                and, to make small square thumb + post title, use AlxTabs widget. un-check all options except “Recent Posts” (or the type you want to show there)

                hope that helps!

            26. SAL says:

              Hello, I have a problem with the option of the slider. It’s missing function Open a media and set the slideโ€™s options.Do you have an idea why?

            27. i am installed this theme before 2 day ago, Don’t show the same size of featured image in home page, only show in 1st page not show in 2nd page

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