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            1. Amber says:


              Your response above was what I was looking for, thank you!

              Two additional questions that relate directly to that same area:

              1. The space between the widgets, text/HTML and search, is quite large, how do I reduce the space?

              2. Is it possible to move that text to the very top of the page on the right hand side? Similar to this:, specifically where the cart icon is?

              Your helpfulness is awesome (I’ve read through the entire comment thread)!

              1. Amber,

                Thanks for your kind words,

                and for your questions,

                1- there’s a bit of problem with my earlier code, as you can see those links are not clickable, i will give you new code if you plan to use it like that!

                2- to position that text to very top right, change the earlier css to,


                1. Amber says:

                  I didn’t even notice!

                  The script above is so close, but not quite:

                  Right now it’s just the text, and not the search box widget. I’d like both of them to be in the absolute right hand corner side by side:

                  Contact Us | Blog [Search box] Search

                  And I’ve tried playing with the color values but can’t get the right combination.

                  I changed the background color to match the rest of the site, however the text (links) disappear. So I changed what I thought was the text color to white, but it only changes the vertical line. I haven’t gone venturing to find out where the link color attribute is, but I don’t want it to affect the entire site. And honestly, I don’t know how to add the link attributes within the script for this widget alone.

                  I try things on w3schools all the time, but with this it’s not so easy when working with a widget.

                  Thanks for your time!

                  1. Hi,

                    Replace current css with following:

                    let me know how it went.


            2. Karan says:

              Thanks got hold of it Saeed

            3. Vika says:

              Hej, is it possible to translate i.e. “read more” “archive” or “no comments” into german? most of the “about-words” are in german, but some are not and I cannot make out why this is like that…
              can you help me? that would be nice :)

            4. Karan says:


              I am facing in issue to set excerpts and figure images. Currently, my excerpts data overlaps the featured image.

              So, can tell me where and what to edit?

              1. karan,

                do you have a live site to see the actual problem?

                also, try deactivating all plugins to make sure it’s not a plugin-conflict.

                and, did you added any css codes to the Custom CSS box? please copy those here if you added any.


            5. Matt says:

              Hi Saeed,

              I’ve got an odd problem with this theme but couldn’t find an answer in the thread. For some reason, my responsive menu isn’t clickable at all. I’ve tried it on my desktop, laptop, iPad and iPhone and as soon as the responsive menu appears, I can click it as much as I want but nothing happens. If my client finds this out, I will have a problem on my hands so trying to fix it quickly. : )

              – matt

              1. Hi,

                Seems like you changed some codes in the header.php file



                Let me know how it went!


            6. Frank says:

              Hi Saeed, i want to change the “comment-reply-title”:
              —-Hinterlasse eine Antwort—
              the text on the “send” button and also change the text in between:
              —Deine E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. Erforderliche Felder sind markiert *—
              —Du kannst folgende HTML-Tags benutzen—
              Regards, Frank

            7. hanzala says:

              bro saeed i need to change the foorer rights. how could it be chage in
              in Spacious: Theme,
              thank u..

            8. Sam Lockhart says:

              Hi – I’m trying to change the text colour on this theme as i changed the background colour to black.

              The existing text colour is dark grey and i need it to be white throughout the site.

              Any ideas for an amateur?

              1. Hi Sam,

                do you have a working url to show me? it would be much easier to solve if i can see the codes.

                btw, how did you change the background color? used the dark style from the Theme Option? or changed the css styles?

                waiting for your reply!


            9. Shan says:

              Hi Saeed

              I would like to remove the post area on the homepage. As the gap is to big and if I don’t have a post there then I get a search opposite, which I don’t want either. Please help. I really love this theme as it really workable with many options. Thank you

              1. Hi there,

                sorry to say that i didn’t get your question correctly, can you please detail it?


            10. Tansy Roberts says:

              Hello, this may be something very simple but I just cant see for looking. Can you tell me how to remove the search box from each page?

              Many thanks

              1. Hi,

                you mean at the top? or in the footer?

                anyway, both are added through widgets.

                just got to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets.

                drag search widget into left side to disable.

                for the top one – the widget area is “Header Right Sidebar”

                bottom one will be in Footer Widgets (i guess!)

                hope you got it!


            11. Andra says:

              Hi Saeed,
              I have a problem with the spacious theme. The home page it’s not working properly. I have the slider with the images but in the content of the page it doesn’t show the page that I set as static page. It shows me the latest posts. I tried everything.
              Could you help me please with some ideas?
              Thank you,

              1. Hi,

                it’s pretty easy.

                just make a Page from your dashboard. add the contents there you want. un-check the ‘comments’ and ‘trackback & pingbacks’ option while you make that page. you can also change it’s layout to full-width (or any other available option) from that page – through the right side “Select Layout” option.

                publish that one.

                then, go to Dashboard -> Settings -> Reading.
                in the Front page displays, choose “A static page”, and choose the page you just made there.

                that’s it.

                check your site now, it will be all okay.

                still have any doubts? feel free to ask.


            12. Anjels says:

              How to control the text under the three icons in homepage? I tried adding tag in each page so as to filter a particular content to be displayed in homepage, but this did not work. Please guide me through this.

              Thanks in advance.

              1. Hi,

                Apologies for the delay.

                those are all added via widgets. please take a look at this page –

                the developer detailed it very well there.

                in case, if you still have queries that are not detailed there, feel free to ask here, i will try my best to smile you :)


            13. Ab says:


              How can i add the search widget on top of the menu?

              1. Hi Ab,

                I apologise for the delay. I have attached a picture in this comment. In this picture you can find how to change position for the search plugin.

                Change position for the search plugin. ©madalinm<br />

            14. Walle says:

              in spacious is possible deleted responsive?

              1. Hi Walle,

                I apologise for the delay. You can delete the responsive part, but only from code main. However it is not recommended.

                Best regards,

                Madalin Milea

            15. Amy Yellis says:

              Hi, I’m having trouble and I’m hoping you can help. I am trying to put Facebook comments on each post since most of my business is through Facebook. However, I can’t seem to make comments show up at all. I’ve checked all the settings, and there should be comments on my posts as far as I can tell.

              1. Hi Amy,

                Can you please give me more details regarding that problem?

                How do you try to do this? With a plugin or in code?

                Best regards,

                Madalin Milea

            16. andrea says:

              I created a child theme for “Spacious” and activated it. Everything is pulling in right except for the widgets on the right sidebar. I thought it was because I had activated the child theme, so I went back to the main theme, and the right sidebar widget is still appearing above the navigation. The right sidebar widget that is showing below the navigation is an older version that I have updated since a long time ago.

              I also updated the theme, do you think this is what has cause the issue?

              I don’t know how to fix it, any help would be appreciated!


            17. andrea says:

              Never mind I fixed it! It was that my previous settings somehow copied into “header sidebar” . I removed it. now it’s working.

            18. andrea says:

              Ok, it’s me again with the same issue. After removing the widgets from the ‘header sidebar’ I saved it. and when I went to “visit site” they revert back to the header sidebar position. After “visit site” I go back to the widgets page, and I find that the widgets in the “header sidebar” have returned even after I had deleted them.

              I’m doing all of this in the child theme. Is there something from the parent theme that is coming in that I should delete?

              1. Hi Andrea,

                The theme was probably affected by the update. It is difficult to say whether something should be deleted.

                Now you have two choices.

                1) Make sure that you have the latest version of wordpress and for your theme, and then you can create a new child theme (then you can change what you want).

                2) Try to go back to the older version of the theme, one that does not have problems.

                Best regards,

                Madalin Milea

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