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            277 Responses to “Spacious”

            1. Lula says:

              Hi! Is there an easy way to change the green colour of everything (buttons, titles, etc) for red? Thanks a lot!!

              1. yes, it’s really easy to change those color, go to your Dashboard -> Theme Options -> Design and look for the ‘Primary Color Option’, and select which color you want, save the changes.

                screenshot –


                1. Lula says:

                  Thanks a lot!!

            2. Love it! Amazing color combinations that match perfectly and create an eye candy result for corporate website.

            3. fran says:

              Hi there! Amazing theme, would it be possible to have social network on the header?

              1. yes, you can add almost anything there! there is a widget position called “Header Widget” in your Widgets page, install any social plugin and drag it’s widget to that position.
                or you could add social buttons manually there if you wish so.

                let me know if you need help there.


                1. Trelani says:

                  How do you manually add the buttons?

            4. Hello Admin,
              Is it possible to remove the footer credits of this theme?
              Please let me know..
              Thank you!

              1. Sure, it’s released under GPL, so you have right to do so.

                you can change it’s footer credits by editing footer.php file, find

                line in that file, change it to whatever you want.


                1. Jenny says:

                  I thought that you had to buy the pro credits to eliminate the footer credits or change it.

                  1. Jenny says:

                    I meant “Pro Spacious,” because I read that somewhere that specifically said you could edit the copyright in the footer.

                  2. Nope, there is no problem editing the footer links, GPL License allows you that, so you don’t have to worry on that.

                    and, about that Pro feature, that might means there will be an option in your Theme Option page to edit those footer credits when you buy a pro version.

                    hope it’s all clear now.

                  3. Jenny says:

                    Thanks again. I understand. It’s in theme options with pro and without you have to edit that line. So am I deleting the entire line? Maybe I’m afraid to experiment. Lol. But I love this theme thus far.

                2. Jenny says:

                  I’m afraid of code, so I found the line and I’m scared to touch it.

                3. Nathan says:

                  what do i change in ” ”

                  suppose i had to change it to ABC

                  1. Hi,

                    are you asking on what you need to replace this code in the footer?

                    you could add anything you want there, but normally we add a copyright text there, so change it to,

                    it will display as “© 2014 Your Site Name“.

                    hope that helps.

                  2. Tarun says:

                    can u please tell me what code to add for web designing credits?

                4. Gautham Navada says:

                  thanks a lot!

                5. Jurgen says:

                  I don’t want to remove the whole line, but would like to have my own personal text instead of credits ‘THeme By and Powered by”.

                  In what should I change this line () ??

            5. Jenny says:

              Hi! On the bottom of the screen I’m seeing this: You may use these HTML tags and attributes:

              Is it supposed to be there?

              1. Hi,

                that’s for commentors, if you want to remove it, go to your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Theme Options

                Click on Design tab, scroll to Custom CSS option, and paste the following codes there.

                save it, will be okay then.

                1. Jenny says:

                  You are the best! It worked. Thanks a lot.

                2. Andreas says:

                  Hi Saeed,

                  What is the code if I want to remove the complete comment/reply box after every page?


                  1. Hi,

                    Sorry for the delay, i was in another city without my PC.

                    To disable comment section from every Pages, delete following comments from page.php file

                    if you want to remove comment section from single posts too, then delete following comments from single.php file.

                    save it.

                    feel free to ask if you need any more help there.


                  2. Andreas says:

                    Great, thanks so much!

                  3. Andrei says:

                    Hi guys. You can easily also get rid of the comments section by deactivating the comments for each page. Instead of clicking on the page name to edit it, hover over, go to quick edit, and uncheck the ‘allow comments’ box. Save, and they will be gone.

            6. Jenny says:

              Hi. I used Page Builder and added a self-hosted video, but it doesn’t play. I added the link and nothing happens. It is blank. What am I doing wrong?

              1. Yeah, it’s not working for me either, don’t have a clue on it, try contacting it’s developer here –

                hope that helps!

                1. Jenny says:

                  I used the YouTube plugin and I’m quite pleased. Embedding wasn’t working for me either. I don’t always want to have to use YouTube, but I’m fine with it for now.

            7. Sarah says:

              Hi! I can’t for the life of me figure out how to remove the bar under each of my posts- the categories, comments, etc. Any insight? Thanks!

              1. Hi there, sorry for the delay.

                btw, i didn’t got your question fully, can you please detail which bar you are referring? did you mean that green line under widget title?

                or, please detail it!


            8. D says:

              Hey Madalin Milea, how do I remove the author post info on each post

              1. Hi,

                what you actually mean by author post info? it only shows author name there, do you want to remove it?

                please detail it.


                1. D says:

                  Yes, I want to remove the details from my post on the Spacious theme i.e date, category & comments

                2. himak says:

                  Hi Madalin Milea, your theme is cool. Good job!
                  So, I need your help with remove author on post page. I look CSS file and PHP, by I do not see it. Thanks you

                  1. Hi there,

                    you can remove following lines from content.php


                  2. himak says:


            9. nilesh says:

              hi, i am using this spacious theme.. i want to add the “city” field after the Email field in form.
              actully i created one page i.e. user review. in that there is form having,website and comment field. so i want to add city field after email field..plz help me?

              1. Nilesh, i think you want that form to send those details to your email, right?
                if so, you need to use a contact form plugin for that. try Contact Form 7 or SBCF.

                Both are pretty straight forward, though first one gives many options and is well-known.

                hope that helps!

                1. Nilesh says:

                  no no, I want to show that Information on same page. means suppose i took field name ‘city’. when user put there name and all info. with that city name, then that city name also display after clicking on post comment .

                  see this link-

                  i want like this—>

                  Leave a Reply

                  Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *

                  Name *

                  Email *


                  Vehicle No.



                  then city name and vehicle no also display after posting.

                  1. Hi there,

                    sorry for the delay, seems like you figured it out.

                    let me know if you still need any help there.


                  2. kirch215 says:

                    Saeed – unrelated to the above feed – but a quick question. How does one change the font for the whole theme? I’m using Avenir for all of my correspondence, business cards, invoices and reports… Would love to switch over my whole site – theme is great so far!

                  3. Hello Krich215!

                    You need to edit some theme files for it.

                    First, upload your font in to your web directory (if your font is in Google Webfonts, then you just need to get the URL of it. if it’s not (seems so to me), you have to use a tool like to get different formats of your fonts.)

                    then, open your style.css, and add codes you get from the font-face generator, codes that starts with @font-face.

                    then, change all font-family: ‘Lato’, sans-serif; to font-family: ‘YOUR NEW FONT NAME’

                    hope that’s clear!

                    feel free to ask if you have any doubts there.

            10. Simon Nyman Cousin says:

              Hi, I have a question!

              Is there a way to make the header background transparent? I want the header image to melt into the background, but there’s a big block of white standing in my way.

              1. Hi,

                to remove that white background, go to your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Theme Options

                Click on Design tab, scroll to Custom CSS option, and paste the following codes there.

                save it, it will be okay.

                let me know if you need any more help on that.


            11. Aaliya says:


              I’m trying to copy the look in the above Spacious sample image.
              I want the home page to look:
              1. Logo
              2. Slider
              3. 3 widgets (as above super-fast loading, responsive, awesome support)

              2 questions:
              Is there a way I can change the static home page to have three (text and Image link) widgets on the spacious theme – just like the sample picture of Spacious above?

              Also what is the best slider dimensions? But I don’t want the slider to occupy a lot of space.

              Your help will be greatly appreciated,
              Many thanks

            12. Andreas says:

              Hi, I have a question too which I raised earlier. How can I remove the reply/comment box completely from every page? Usually you can do this via “discussion” which does not seem to work.


              1. Apologies for the delay, replied on your earlier comment.


            13. Edgar says:

              I am using mqTranslate to make my page available in several languages. It works perfect with pages and TG:Services widget (because it uses pages) but how can I make other information available in different languages? Is there any other better way to make my page multilingual? Thank you in advance.

            14. Mitch says:

              Hi there

              How can I remove “archive” from the top of my shop page in woo commerce?

              How can I change the “read more” and link in services widget to take it to a custom url with custom text? ie product page saying buynow.

              Thank you so much great theme

            15. Riccardo says:

              Hey Saeed, thanks for your help!
              In the Spacious free theme there’s no option to add Google Fonts, which is possible in the Pro version.
              If I tweak the functions.php file (or whatever file that mentions the fonts) do you think I’m going against some rules?
              Thanks again 🙂

            16. Marta says:


              I’m exploring Spacious for the very first time and I’m impressed how nice it looks with very few customization.

              Just a single question. I am spanish and I wish to build a website 100% in my mother tongue. At slider there is a “Read more” link and I don’t find any options to translate it or hide it. Is there a way to do this?

              Thank you very much for your help!

              Best regards.

              1. Marta says:

                I have found there is no spanish translation in *.mo and *.po files, that is kind of a point for my previous question xD

                Solved that, I think I have found a minor bug at copyright section. If you don’t include a link in $spacious_footer_copyright, footer menu shows weird. I am not sure where this error comes from… but there is a lot of a tags in early code I can’t explain where they come from, maybe it is related.

                I hope this info is useful to you.

                Best regards.

            17. Mya says:

              Hi, I am using spacious. But I have not been able to make my videos show up above my posts on my home page like how a feature picture does. I can only see the video when I click on my posts. How can I feature a video on home page

            18. Ashish says:

              how to make every field compulsory in post by authors (other users)

              1. Hi there,

                i think the question is not a theme-specific one. anyway, one solution i can think of now is to restrict other users from posting a new one until you verify it. does that make sense to you?


            19. Jurgen says:

              How do I get my both my social media buttons (Simple social media icons plugin) and my menu on top of my website and next to each other?

              1. Hi there,

                if you were asking to achieve something like this –
                then just go to your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets and drag the Simple Social Icons widget into Header Sidebar section. see screenshot here –

                then setup menu and assign it as Primary Menu.

                hope that helps!

                1. Jurgen says:

                  Hi, thanks for you respons. Currently I have exactly the same as the screenshots you showed me. I was just wondering if it was possible to get them on the same line instead of above eachother?


                  1. oh, you were asking that,

                    yeah, it’s possible, but you need to add some css styles there. go to Theme Options -> Design scroll to Custom CSS section. and paste the following codes there.

                    hope that helps!

                  2. Jurgen says:

                    Hi, that works perfectly, thanks for your help!

                    Last question: my slider only appears on my homepage. I would like it to appear on other pages (not blog, only page) aswell.

                    How can I do this?

                    Any way I can support this website for your help?! Much appreciated!

                  3. to display slider on the Pages, you need to edit 2 theme files.
                    Go to your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Editor and open the header.php file.
                    find the following line,

                    and replace it with following

                    save it, then open the inc/functions.php file.
                    look for the following line,

                    and replace it with following line

                    save it, and voila! browse your pages now 🙂

                    feeling thankful? do like us on Facebook!


                  4. Amber says:

                    Using the code above puts the header sidebar in line with my primary menu. Is it possible that the header sidebar widgets are exactly where they are now, but, side by side?

                  5. Amber,

                    if you were trying to achieve something like this –

                    then add following codes to your Custom CSS field (Theme Options -> Design)


            20. Jorge says:


              Is there the posibility to change only the header’s background?

              If I wrote the code:

              #page {background-color: transparent !important; }

              It changes the blackground from the whole page, and I just need to change it of the header and foot.

              Thanks for your time.

              1. okay, change the following codes then.

                for header background:

                for footer widgets’ background :

                for copyright texts background :

                change it to the colors you want.


            21. Junuen says:

              Is it possible to change the color and/or style of the title in the header section?

              1. yes! you can customize the way you want.

                for example, if you want that title color into blue and description into yellow (!), add the following codes into your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Theme Options -> Design -> Custom CSS (scroll to bottom!)

                you can customize every css styles like that.

                Hint: to find css class or id of a particular element, use Inspector Element in Chrome or FireBug in Firefox (google for more details if you are new on that!)


            22. Lula says:

              Hi! Is it posible to change the “Read more” legend into “Leer mas” (spanish)? I see that it says “Translation Ready” at the Features, but I can´t find it. Thanks!!

              1. Hi Lula,

                a simple way to do that is to edit a theme file manually.

                go to your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Editor and open the header-functions.php file.
                find “Read more” there, and change it to whatever you want.

                hope that helps!

            23. MaryJo says:

              Is it possible to remove the text block/link from the slider?

              The theme is gorgeous!! Thank you for all of your hard work.

              1. Hi,

                First of all, it’s not my theme, it’s built by folks at

                Then, about slider, if you don’t add texts & description there, it will not show up. but, it will show that “Read More” button even if you didn’t add any url there.
                do you want to remove that one too?
                if yes, a simple solution is to “hide” it with css, just add

                in the “Custom CSS” in your Theme Options page.

                if you are not okay with that, you can remove it by editing a theme file. go to Theme Editor and open inc/functions.php and find following codes

                and delete it.

                hope that helps!

                feel free to ask if you have any doubts.


            24. ThangD says:

              Great theme! Question: in Theme options –> Design you can choose the Wide side layout with content width of 1218px. My screen is wider than 1218 which make my slider stop halfway while the slider title & description move out of my slider.

              How do I get my slider width to adapt to the a screen size of over 1218 px? (max width?).

              1. Hi there,

                you need to edit some css styles there, please ask your query at as it will be much easier to solve for it’s developer.

                thanks for understanding!

            25. negsan says:


              My question is, how could I remove the ‘contents of navigation bar’ from each page which appears in footer just below the copyright line ?

              I mean it looks like:

              © 2014 Website name
              About us Products Product 1 Product 2 Contact Us

              1. Hi,

                That’s a menu, you can remove that from your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Menu (check the footer menu!)


                1. negsan says:

                  How stupid I am! I didn’t aware of it.
                  Thank you so much!

                  1. We all are stupid at times =)

            26. Negsan says:

              Hi again,
              I have abother question now.I uploaded ‘Contact Form 7′ and it is okey. But my question is,

              How could I write the ‘Contact Info’ as Companys telephone number,fax, adress informations
              on the right side of the just ‘contact page sidebar’.

              So, I would like to have the original view of contact page of Spacious Demo.
              Could you help me please?

              1. Hi,

                just wrap your details in <li> tags.

                for example, drag a ‘text’ widget into that “Contact Page Sidebar” and add following texts there to get that like of demo page

                hope that’s clear!

                1. Negsan says:


                  I did every step you wrote, but it didn’t work 🙁
                  I should ask that, once I did add an empty text widget on ‘Right Sidebar’ to remove META and ARCHIEVES.
                  It could be a problem?

                  Because when I put the text widget(with tags) on ‘Right Sidebar’ the contact info is looking in every pages on right sidebar.
                  But when I put the text widget just on ‘Contact Pape Sidebar’, there is nothing appearing on any page and also on contact page sidebar.

                  So, I’ll really appreciated if you could help me.
                  Thank you so much.

                  1. let me make it clear, did you made a contact page and choose “contact page template” in the page template option (on the sidebar) ?

                  2. Negsan says:

                    Well, what I did is:

                    1. I uploaded Contact Form 7
                    2. Then on the admin panel (left side) a ‘Contact’ section appeared which have 2 options:
                    – Contact templates
                    – Add a new
                    3. So, I choosed the Contact Template which is already uploaded with Contact Form 7.
                    4. Then I copied the code of the choosen Contact Template which is that:
                    [contact-form-7 id=”144″ title=”İletişim”]
                    to the contact page I created.
                    5. Finally, I got this view if you click on this link:

                    But I couldn’t make the contact widget appear on the contact page 🙁 Did I do something wrong with Contact Form 7?

                  3. Negsan says:

                    Okey, I did it !!!! Finally, I did it.
                    Thank you so much!

                  4. nope, you done it all right. but there is one more thing to do, you need to assign “contact page template” for that page.

                    see this image –

                    just choose that. that widget will show there.


                  5. i was bit late, yeah? 🙂

                    anyway, glad that you did it!

                    feel free to ask if you have any queries.

                    happy theming!

                  6. Negsan says:

                    Yes but thanks to you 🙂 I did noticed it finally, that is the first time I’m dealing with wordpress and making a website.
                    So, I’m really appreciated for your answers, thank you.

            27. Negsan says:


              Me again. I have another question. In the website, there will be a References’ page and there will be some logos of the firms at that page.

              So, what I want to do is:
              when someone click on a logo, the website of the firm which has that logo, will appear. I searched and found that “Function Reference/get page link” title on wordpress.
              But, is it a hard thing to do?

              1. before replying on that, i think reading this blog post will be good for you –

                the point i want to make is, you should use “Pages” for static contents like About, Contact, Products, etc.
                the “Posts” are to let your readers know about your latest news (in case of a business site). hope you got it.

                1. Negsan says:

                  Got it, I didn’t aware of the differences. This link is really clear.
                  Because as you said, I created posts for static contacts as About, Products.. I’ll change the posts which are About, Products etc. to pages, thank you so much!

              2. about your query, you mean, for example, if you have a Google’s logo there, clicking on that will take you to, right?

                1. Negsan says:

                  Yesss, exactly I want that 🙂

                  1. that’s pretty easy, just upload your images by editing your page (References).


                    and, when you are adding images, there you can see settings to edit it’s links at bottom right part.

                    choose Custom URL there, and add your link (the website’s link you want to go when clicked on that logo) there.

                    hope that’s clear!

                  2. Negsan says:

                    You are the hero of wordpress, thank you so much! I did it

                  3. and, if you want that logos to be align in a nice grid style, use a plugin like

                  4. Negsan says:

                    Yes, I downloaded the plugin and now trying to arrenge the logos positions.

                    All logos are lined up on just first column, instead seperated equally 🙁 I guess I have to try a little bit more

                  5. how many logos are there?

                    if you want to have 4 logos listed in a row, then use following codes:

                    [ezcol_1quarter]image code here[/ezcol_1quarter] [ezcol_1quarter]image code here[/ezcol_1quarter] [ezcol_1quarter]image code here[/ezcol_1quarter] [ezcol_1quarter_end]image code here[/ezcol_1quarter_end]

                    try it yourself and choose a matching one!
                    don’t forget to resize your browser to check how it’s working on smaller screens.


                  6. Negsan says:

                    I did it!!!! Okey now 🙂 Thank you so so so much

                  7. great to hear that 🙂

            28. Diego Eugenio says:

              Hello! How i change the “Read More” of the TG:Services widget?

              1. Hi,

                you need to edit a theme file for it, via FTP or cPanel.

                open your theme folder -> inc -> widgets -> widgets.php file.

                then search for following code:

                change Read more to anything you want.

                please note: this change will be overridden when a new update comes, so using a child theme is the best way to do it, read more on child themes –


            29. Negsan says:


              Me again, hope you are okey. My question,
              Is that possible to copy the form of name, email, your message into the footer? I mean:
              (name: ……
              your message:…..)

              1. Hi, did you tried to copy that contact form code into your footer widget section?

                i mean, drag a ‘text’ widget and add the code for your contact form. [contact-form-7 id=”144″ title=”İletişim”]

                hope that helps!

                1. Negsan says:

                  Soon, I’ll get a degree at Stupidity. I did it, thank you.
                  But, the line’s total vertical length are looking too long. Is it possible to enlarging each lines length in horizantal?
                  So, we could get much slim footer area?

                  1. Negsan says:

                    Maybe, if I could cancel or erase the second and fourth Footer Sidebars, maybe I have much more space and so just 2 of footer sidebars could cover whole footer area?

                    Of course I don’t know 🙂

                  2. LOL =)

                    yes, that’s possible to get it 50% width and for 2 widgets.

                    i mean, just add contents to any 2 footer widgets, then copy following codes to Theme Options -> Design -> Custom CSS (scroll to bottom)

                    check your site now, don’t forget to check it’s responsiveness.


                  3. Negsan says:

                    Awsome, thank you 😉
                    And, Could I change the footer areas color as much more lighter and semi transparent?

            30. Negsan says:

              Opss! I have another problem, I don’t what I did wrong but, the line of ‘copyright’ which appears at the bottom of the website is broken 🙁
              I did erased this line from footer.php

              and I wrote this instead:
              © <?php bloginfo(

              and everything was okey. But now, when I check the footer.php, I don't even see the last line that I wrote 🙁 Omg, what I've done :((((((((((((((((((

              1. probably you messed it up! 🙂

                don’t worry, just delete everything in footer.php and copy following codes to there.

                let me know the result!

              2. Negsan says:

                Okey, okey I solve it :))))
                I guess, I’m a little bit nervous

                1. why nervous? just keep calm, nothing is gonna happen even if you mess it up all, that’s how we all started, messing it up again and again, that’s how we all learnt to correct. and, i personally love that style, the joy when you get by fixing those yourself is unexplainable!

                  just do it without any fear of losing, after all, it’s just a website! 🙂

                  1. Negsan says:

                    Yes, you are right.. Actually, I like it making some changes.
                    But, after all, you are my saviour thank you so much.
                    I wish I could have help you, too in something I know 🙂

            31. Negsan says:

              My another question 🙂

              When I add the logo above the slider, the navigation menu is also getting higher. You can see from this link:

              And I just want logo to stand the above the slider. Because if I could choose the looking both logo and web site text together, the navigation menu is looking fine just above the slider.

              But when I choose just logo to appear, the navigation menu is looking as you can see from the link.

              So, is there anythink could we do about that?

              1. it seems like it’s because of your logo’s size, it’s 177px height now, almost 50% is white space, try cutting it to 100px or around. and try again.

                1. Negsan says:

                  yea, I know it I did it on purpose 🙂 I want the logo to seem up there, just a little bit higher than navigation menu.

                  So, I added the white space belong.

                  The problem is, if just the logo stands above, the navigation menu goes higher.
                  But, if the logo and the text stands together above, the navigation menu stands allright. I change it for you to see now:

                  1. am seeing this now –

                    what you exactly want there? just logo + menu? or you need that big headline too there?

                    please detail it as much as possible!

                    btw, you don’t need to add white space there just to align it, we can easily do it by css.

                  2. Negsan says:

                    Well, I don’t know how it happened But it’s okey now 🙂

                    What I want is, locating logo just a little bit through below. Could I have a chance to locate the logo by myself as you say with css?

                  3. do you really want that links in menus? try removing one or two menu links, and check whether you are wanting something like that.

                    like this –

                  4. Negsan says:

                    mmmmm, you are right links are looking crowded, I’ll rearrenge them.
                    I saw your png but actually, what I want is exactly this look except if I could remove the logo just a little bit below:

                    Because, when the logo stands higher than the navigation menu I think it looks like more charming.

                  5. Negsan says:

                    Well, I did it now as you said. But how could we locate the navigation manu just upon the slider now ?

                  6. Negsan says:

                    In brief, what I want is:
                    – Logo standing above the navigation menu
                    – Navigation menu standing just above the slider (because there are too much space now between the navigation menu and slider)

                  7. a simple solution is to reduce the logo image height, is that possible?

                  8. Negsan says:


                    If if it’s a hard thing to do, it is okey with that condition 😉
                    Because I want logo to seem in that size. Thank you anyway! You really helped a lot, I’m really appreciated..

                  9. try adding following codes to your Custom CSS box

                    plus, if you can remove some not-so-important menus from the top menu. it would help it look well on medium width screens.
                    (you can change menus from Appearance -> Menus option)

                    let me know if you need any more help there.


                  10. Negsan says:

                    You really are my hero, thank you so so so much!! I’ll also rearrenge the menu as you said 😉

                  11. =)

                    nope, am just learning it, take a look at they have all the things to learn, plus a community that will solve you anything!

                  12. Negsan says:

                    Cool, I’ll check it 😉 Because of I’m a kind a do before learning person, I didn’t aware these kind of staff, thank you so much

            32. wunmi says:

              hello sorry but when i edit the footer.php to that code you mentioned it works but its at the extreme left not the center of the page please how to fix this

              1. Hi there,

                Go to your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Theme Options -> Design -> Custom CSS (scroll to bottom)
                and paste following codes there.

                save it, and check your site 🙂

                feel free to ask if you need any more help.


                1. wunmi says:

                  Thanks sir, two more things pls
                  1. How can I get a footer widget that shows links and
                  2. Social icons at top of header.

                  Thanks a lot for support

                  1. Hi there,

                    1- what links you mean there? Recent Posts? please detail your query.
                    (btw, you can see all the available widgets in your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets page)

                    2- just use any social plugin that provides a widget to display the social icons. try

                    after installing that plugin, drag it’s widget to Header Sidebar widget area (screenshot –

                    that’s it, it will give you something like this –

                    hope that helps!

                  2. wunmi says:

                    Thanks sir, about the links at the footer its the display of the pages at the header but at the footer with contacts and maybe social icons too.

                  3. you can drag any widgets into Footer Widgets section.

                    and if you want to add contact information as in the demo site (, just grad a text widget into your Footer Widget area, and paste following codes there (of course you need to change the details!)

                    and, to add social icons, you can just drag Simple Social Icons (if you use that) widget into Footer Widgets section.

                    and to add Menus to footer widget, just drag the Custom Menus widget to there, choose your menu, that’s it!

                    hope that helps!

                    feel free to ask if you have any queries


                  4. wunmi says:

                    Thanks Saed, exactly like the demo site the grey section at the footer is what am trying to achieve

            33. Negsan says:


              Me again, how r u ? (Please feel free to ignore me if you bored, really, I asked you a lot)
              I’d like to ask that is it possible to add the website a language option ? I mean I’d like publish it also in english and german..

              1. nope, it’s my pleasure to help you guys, after all, i make some money out of this site because of you guys 🙂 so it’s a business trick too! 🙂

                and, about your query, try using a plugin like
                it gives you many option like, specifying which languages you need to translate, omitting the google logo, etc, etc. do play with it and if you stuck anywhere, don’t worry any bit, am here 🙂

                1. Negsan says:

                  I’ll check it, thank you so much!

            34. Shallu says:


              I just applied the code © . to change the footer credit. I replaced the company name and the text “All Rights Reserved” with the “name” in the code. However, it’s the name of the company that is appearing. Also I wish to include a powered by section for my website. Please suggest how to get the complete line.

              1. Hi,

                just delete everything from your footer.php and copy following codes there.

                save it, check your site, i hope you will get an idea on it now.

                feel free to ask if you need any help there.


            35. Matthew says:


              I have the site design layout set to — Wide Layout with content width of 1218px.

              How do I make the Call to Action widget span across 100% of the page? It’s in the Business Top Sidebar.

              Thank you!

              1. Hi,

                sorry for the delay, how is it’s position now? my PC is also has a wide screen, and call to action widget in the demo page ( gets full width there.

                please detail your query, and if you can, send a screenshot of your current homepage.


                1. Matthew says:

                  See the link for a screen of my layout.


                  It’s the blue bar with orange button, under the 3 icons. I would like the width to span across like the Slider.

                  Thank you!

            36. Thiruvel Raj says:

              Dear Saeed.. I’m back in this theme.. How would I bring the icons for services widgets ? It is not showing up… Please help me have a icon for services widget. You take a look at the website,

              1. Hi there,

                just attach a featured image into those pages (home, sample page,etc), it will be shown in the homepage then.

                hope that helps!

                1. Thiruvel Raj says:

                  Thanks Saeed.. It works… 🙂

                2. Thiruvel Raj says:

                  Again… Saeed.. is there a way I can fix the portfolio section ?? For my page it shows 130 x 130 but for demo it was 273 x 273.. where to alter them ?

                  1. may be just choose 3 pages in the drop down there? (on TG:Featured Widget)

                    as they say in their demo page:

                    Use the TG:Featured Widget to show this section. In the widget just add the title and description. Then add three pages from the three drop down option. The featured images of those pages will be shown in the right and link back to those added pages.

                    let me know if you still can’t solve it, i will look deeper then.

                  2. also, where did you placed that widget? i think the demo site have positioned it in Business Bottom Sidebar, please look on that too.


            37. CP says:

              Hi, it´s amazing theme, I love it! I follow this instructions:
              To setup the Business Top Sidebar but it doens´t appear the selection at homepage.
              I did this:
              First Step
              In the dashboard, add a new page.
              In the Page Attributes option box, choose the Business Template in the Template dropdown option.
              Publish the page. Yes, that’s it for the first step.
              Second Step The Business template has four widget areas within it.

              You just need to add some widgets to these sidebar to setup the business tell. Third Step Below are some widgets provided by the theme that you use to make you business template look Awesome.

              TG: ServicesAdd this widget to Business Top/Bottom Sidebar. In this widget, select any of your pages in the drop down option. There are six page dropdown options within it. The title, description and featured image of that same pages that you select will be shown.

            38. laura says:

              I’m trying to set up my bussiness top side bar and insert images like in the demo (super fast loding, responsive design …). But the images do not appear. They are yet inserted as a media image in my page. When I publish, they disappear. PLEASE HELP!!!!! thanks! Laura

              1. Hi,

                seems like you figured it out.

                feel free to ask if you have any other queries.


            39. Negsan says:

              Hey! How are you? I got a question again. Is there any plugin to prevent spam mails ?

              I mean, there are lots of messages are coming through ‘conctact page’ which irrevelant, so annoying.

              1. Hi Negsan,

                you can use Aksimet to prevent spam there, here is a tutorial to setup Akismet for Contact Form 7 –

                hope that helps!

                1. Negsan says:

                  Thank you so much, I’ll check it!

            40. Lucy says:

              Hello, I am having probles with my previous button. I noticed that if people wanted to see older posts and hit “previous” at the bottom of the screen it wouldn’t take them back. I have no clue how to fix this.
              Thank you!

              1. Hi there,

                probably a plugin conflicts there, try deactivating your plugin one by one.

                let me know if that didn’t solved your problem.


                1. Lucy says:

                  Hello Saeed,
                  I tryed deactivating all my plugins but the previous button still not working. It still taking me at the beginning of the page.

                  1. That seems strange, if you can add me as an user there, i can check it more deeply (you know my email, right?)


                  2. Switching to “Latest Posts” in the Reading Settings enabled the pagination –

                    but, there is a small problem now, featured images are showing in full width, we can change it to lower size, but do you really want that alternate position (as it were before)?

                  3. Lucy says:

                    I really prefer the feature image in smaller size. Navigating in the webpage, I see there is a difference between and The /blog/ page shows the feature images in smaller size with alternate position, and the previous button is working. I would like to have the home page like that. It is possible?

                  4. Hello,

                    please check it now –

                    if you are okay with that, you can remove my user account from there.


            41. wunmi says:

              hello Sir, about the footer on my site what i want to achieve is in the image how cani do that on my site please?

              1. Hi Wunmi,

                it’s possible, but it’s kinda hard to explain it, can you add me as an user in your site? i think that will save both of us time.


                1. wunmi says:

                  sir can i have your email so i can create a user for you thank you

                  1. i have replied to you via email. please check that.


            42. Kelly says:


              I am trying to post small icons next to our contact info in the footer sections (they aren’t social media icons so don’t need to have links). Could you let me know if this is possible? And if so what code do I need to use?

              Thanks 🙂

              1. Hi there,

                seems like you figured it out yourself, let me know if you still need any help there.


                1. Kelly says:

                  Hi Saeed,

                  Yes I managed to figure that part out…only thing is I would really like to centre everything in the sections, do you know how I can do this?

                  Thanks 🙂

                  1. Add following codes in your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Theme Options -> Design -> Custom CSS

                    hope that helps.

                    if you were asking for something else, please detail your query!


                  2. Kelly says:

                    Wonderful…thank you!!

            43. Hi!
              I have tried to remove the comment field on my first page, the one with the slider. Tried to do change in page.php (remove

              but nothing happens. Do you have any other tips?
              Thanks for a great page!


              1. Seems like you figured it out, please check the theme documentation if you have any more queries –


            44. Jane says:

              The footer colour how do I change it?

              1. Hi Jane,

                Go to your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Theme Option -> Design -> Custom CSS (scroll to bottom)

                and add following codes there.

                save it, it will replace that dark background to a redish one. change #AA1746 to whatever color you need there.


            45. Marina Rocha says:

              Hi I am Brazilian and would like your help, I need to put in the footer recent posts with thumbnail images, as is the demo site.
              what widget should I use to get that way?
              Could you help me please,

              1. Hi,

                Install Recent Posts Widget Extended plugin –

                then go to your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets, and drag “Recent Post Extended” widget into “Footer Sidebar One” widget area.


            46. Mary says:

              I purchased Spacious Pro. I have been away from WordPress for a while. Do I still need to create a child theme to protect my Spacious settings from WordPress updates? Do I need to do anything to protect my settings from Spacious Pro updates? THANKS!!!

              1. Hi,

                Unless you want to change any theme files, you don’t need to use any child theme there.

                Normally, all theme settings will be saved and forwarded to new updates.


            47. Hi,
              Awesome theme.

              Is there a simple way to reduce the height of the Nav bar?

            48. Abdullah says:

              Hi Saeed I’ve edited many things with your help, I’d say 😉 I just wanted to know that is it possible to change the ‘read more’ text in recent posts used as home page.

            49. Hi,

              The theme is awesome, quick to load and beautiful.

              Is there a way to adjust the navigation bar height? The website I’m creating has a header image at the top, but I want less space between that and the slider.

              Thanks in advance!

              Website: californiastorypolecontractor[dot]com

              1. Hi there,

                Sorry for the delay.

                To change it’s height, you need to edit the css.
                Go to your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Theme Options -> Design -> Custom CSS
                and add following codes there

                change those pixel values to the best height you want there.

                hope that helps!

                1. 3lmochilero says:

                  That worked perfectly, thank you.

            50. Abdullah says:

              Hi Saeed I’ve got 2 questions
              1. Is it possible to change the read more text on posts (when post page is the home page)
              2. Can the position of the slider be changed (I want to drag it down. If it’s not available in the theme then which plugin should I use)

              1. Hi,

                Sorry for the delay.

                1- Go to your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Editor, open content.php file, and search for “Read more”. change it to whatever you want!

                2- Where do you want to move it exactly? it wouldn’t be that easy, and if you make changes directly there, it would all be gone when the theme gets updated, so you should use a child theme instead –

                anyway, the codes for the slider is at header.php

                hope that helps!

                1. Abdullah says:

                  OK I’ll check it out. Thanks for the help.

            51. Abdullah says:

              Sorry just another question how can I remove next and previous post link below the post.

              1. to remove those, go to Theme Editor, open navigation.php and remove following codes


                1. Abdullah says:

                  Thanks again it works!

            52. Gabrielle says:

              When using the TG Services in the business top sidebar, how can I make the images have a clickable link? Thanks!

              1. Hi there,

                You want that image to have a link to the page it belong to, right? you need to edit theme file to achieve that.

                Open inc/widgets/widgets.php and find following codes

                change it to following-

                let me know whether it worked or not (Untested!)


                1. Gabrielle says:

                  Hi Saeed, thanks for your reply!
                  I open up the editor but cannot find the inc/widgets/widgets.php file to edit. Where can I find this file?

                  1. Hi there,

                    You can’t edit that file from your Dashboard, you need to use a FTP client (like FileZilla) or browse via your cPanel.

                    By using any method, go to your wp-content/themes/spacious/inc/widgets/widgets.php file.

                    hope that helps!

            53. Hi,

              Can I insert a button in the header image?

              My header is positioned on top. I want to place a button or linked image, in a specific location, also within that area.

              1. Hi,

                sorry for the delay.

                if you just want to add a button/image near that header image, you can use “Header Sidebar” widget area. just add the button/image there, and it will be shown in between header image & menu.

                if you want it to be on top of that header image, you need to play with css.

                please do note that, as it’s a responsive theme, you need to style it for every breakpoints. use only if it’s essential!

                hope that helps!

            54. Negsan says:

              Hi Saeed!

              My all work is gone! So I did started agai :///// and my first quesition is could you give me the code (For Custom CSS) for resize the company logo which standing on the left header ?

              I could’nt find the answer if you already answered it, please warn me

              1. Negsan says:

                I figured it out!!! I got another question, how can I remove the ‘edit’ button which is looking just below the slider and also every page ?

                Thank you so much!

                1. Hi there,

                  Probably it’s because you are logged in, it’s for admins to edit a post/page easily.

            55. Negsan says:

              Hi again!

              My second question is, my website pages are smaller than original one :/// even if I choosed the “Boxed layout with content width of 1218px” from theme options – Design

              What should I do to make the size of the pages as originals ?

              1. Hi again,

                it looks okay in my browser, with 1218px. maybe, you changed it in the meantime?

                anyway, let me know if you still need any help there.


                1. Negsan says:

                  Yes, it’s okey now! thank you so much anyway

            56. Priyanka says:

              I have just started using this theme. I have removed the ‘Read More’ from the slider image. But I want the slider image to link to my article (and not the text that shows up on the image). How do I do that? Thanks in advance.

            57. TGirl says:

              I found out with your help how to change the “Read more” buttons on slider, TG services widgets and blog posts, but how can I change the same thing for TG featured single page?? Thx a lot!

            58. TGirl says:

              OK, solved 🙂

            59. Schalce says:

              Hi Madalin Milea!! Is it possible to remove the read more button from the home page(slide) of spacious theme?
              Any help will be very appreciated

            60. lisa says:

              This theme is amazing! Am I allowed to use the images/icons you have displayed for the TG: services?

            61. lisa says:

              Hi Saeed,
              Your help to other people has also answered quite a few of my queries so thank you.
              I wanted to ask – how do I centre the business bottom sidebar header?
              Thank you,

            62. Negsan says:

              Hi Saeed!

              Now, I’m preparing another website by Spacious thanks to you. But I have a problem again.

              The primary menu which appears just above the slider is standing so far from the slider. What should I do to make it looking just above the slider ?

              Thank you so much!

              1. Negsan says:

                I guess I did it, thank you anyway!

            63. Negsan says:

              I have another problem!!! Even if I paste the contact codes to the ‘Contact Page Sidebar’ which is below, the contact information doesn’t appear on the page. What should I do?

              ASTEN Makine Arge Mühendislik Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi
              Tel: +90 232 449 76 77
              Fax: +90 232 459 09 99
              Adres: 2822 Sokak No: 32/A 1. Sanayi Sitesi Konak/İZMİR

            64. Hello! I have the free theme and am looking to change the footer of my website from ‘Copyright © 2014 Super+Super Theme by: ThemeGrill Powered by: WordPress’ to just ‘Copyright © 2014 Super+Super Website by Claire Culley Ltd’ – Is it possible to do this in CSS? The free theme doesn’t give you an option to do a childs theme

              1. Amber says:

                Claire if you scroll up to the top you should see where he answered your question already.

                1. bob says:

                  Actually no, that information is gone from this forum now.

                  1. Sorry for that Bob, i made some changes in the comment section, split comments to 25 per page, but i forgot to add comment navigation in the new theme.
                    i have made changes now, hope it’s all okay now.

                    and, what Claire asked was replied here –

                    Hope that helps!

            65. Hi, really love this theme! Can you tell me how to centralise the widget titles in the footer and the green underline too, can it be done using custom css? Hoping to launch a site in the next few days, would much appreciate your help.


              1. Hi Jackie,

                Really sorry for the delay, if you still need any help there, please reply here.


            66. Balaji P says:

              Hi, I am using free theme.

              Can I replace ‘Site Title’ with my personal Logo?
              ‘header.php’ file for Spacious theme has a lengthy code. I am not sure which one I should touch to add my logo.


              1. Hi there,

                Sorry for the delay. if you didn’t find a solution yet, there is an option in Theme Option page to add custom logo. more here –

                Hope that helps!

            67. Dian Akbar says:

              Hi Madalin Milea,

              is it possible if primary menu/header stay on top when I scrool up and down? how can I make it happen? Help me please

              Thank you

              1. Hi Dian,

                It’s possible. but, there will need to make some tweaks in your theme files. are you okay with basic html/js? if so, do check this fiddle – it will give you an idea.

                hope that helps!

                1. Dian Akbar says:

                  Thanks for your reply.

                  Actually im still new with websites things. I open and read your link, and it exactly what im looking for. But i cant figure it out where to tweak and what code i should put on editor. Will you help me bulid it?


            68. Daniel says:


              Just wondering how i can change the header image size please?

              1. Hi,

                It seems like you changed your theme, let me know if you still need the solution.


                1. Daniel says:

                  This is the the website. I just want to add my logo right be the CESDRYWALL at the top of the page. Is that possible?


                  1. Daniel says:

                    Yea I tried it but can’t seem to resize the logo.

                  2. You can edit your images with built-in options, read here –

                    or simply, you can use css to resize your image. just add following css in your Custom CSS (Theme Options -> Design)

                    Please Note: Using CSS to resize image will slow your site a bit.


            69. Priyanka says:


              I would like to change the fonts for the post title and body. Title – Roboto Slab & body – Roboto. Both are google fonts. I saw this line of code in the inc/functions.php. wp_register_style( ‘google_fonts’, ‘’ ); Is this where I need to use the url for the new fonts?

              However, I also see a @font-face {
              font-family: ‘Genericons’;……

              in the style.css.

              I am confused. What files do I need to edit in order to change the font?


              1. Hi,

                Sorry for the long delay!

                You can achieve it by both ways, but, as your font is in the Google Web Fonts, using the first method is the best option.

                just change that code in the inc/functions.php to something like following

                then, you need to change the font-family to Roboto or Roboto-Slab from style.css

                Hope you got it, feel free to ask if you have any more queries – i will reply faster 🙂


                1. Priyanka says:


                  I did manage to change the fonts by changing the code in the inc/functions.php file :). But thanks a lot for your help!

            70. Peter says:

              I’m trying to set up my bussiness top side bar and insert images like in the demo (super fast loading, responsive design etc) but when I add TG:Call to action widget to Business Pro…it never shows up on the site.

              I have done what you said in these instructions

              Please help.

              you can see here ( that the three icons that I would like to have does not show.


              1. Hi Peter,

                Sorry for the delay.

                It seems like you figured it out yourself, let me know if you still need any help there.


            71. Frank says:

              Hi Saeed, I am using free theme.
              How can i change the text of the comment module?
              Thank you, Frank

              1. Hi Frank,

                Sorry for the delay.

                Can you elaborate your query a bit?

                Do you want to translate those labels? (Name, Email, Website?)

                1. Frank says:

                  Hi Saeed,
                  i want to change the comment-reply-title and the text on the “send” button.

            72. Maxine says:

              Hi, I’m having trouble editing the CSS. When I make a change it doesn’t update.
              Specifically I am trying to edit the .header-post-title-class and increase the size of the text, this is what I changed (font-size from 22px to 40px):
              .header-post-title-class {
              font-size: 40px;
              padding-bottom: 0;

              Could there be something blocking me from doing so? It doesn’t seem like I am able to change any of the CSS. Thanks!

              1. Hi Maxine,

                Sorry for the delay.

                try adding an !important tag with your new font size,

                let me know whether it worked or not.

                if you can’t change any CSS, there might be some plugin conflicts, try deactivating your plugins one by one.

                P.S : use <pre> tags when you input codes here.


            73. Farai says:

              Hi Madalin Milea
              I want my website to have a professional look. I want to put call to action and also my company portfolio. How do I do it ?

              1. Hi there,

                There is a documentation page for this theme here –

                it covered most of the topics, if you can’t find solution there, feel free to ask here.


            74. Jonas says:

              Hey, I could really need some help, I’m looking for a way to change the font size of the footer text, the (C) and bloginfo part.

              Best regards

              1. Jonas,

                Just paste following code into your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Theme Options -> Design -> Custom CSS

                Change the font-size to whatever you wish!


            75. Karan says:

              My homepage appears as recent Posts page. Even there is no static front page as the layout like this: , which we can opt from in settings-> reading section.

              So, what to do in order to get homepage as exactly like this : . I have configured every widget in the back end. Please help!!

              1. Karan,

                Please take a look at this page –

                everything has been detailed there.

                if you still find any trouble setting up the homepage, feel free to ask here.


            76. Amber says:


              Your response above was what I was looking for, thank you!

              Two additional questions that relate directly to that same area:

              1. The space between the widgets, text/HTML and search, is quite large, how do I reduce the space?

              2. Is it possible to move that text to the very top of the page on the right hand side? Similar to this:, specifically where the cart icon is?

              Your helpfulness is awesome (I’ve read through the entire comment thread)!

              1. Amber,

                Thanks for your kind words,

                and for your questions,

                1- there’s a bit of problem with my earlier code, as you can see those links are not clickable, i will give you new code if you plan to use it like that!

                2- to position that text to very top right, change the earlier css to,


                1. Amber says:

                  I didn’t even notice!

                  The script above is so close, but not quite:

                  Right now it’s just the text, and not the search box widget. I’d like both of them to be in the absolute right hand corner side by side:

                  Contact Us | Blog [Search box] Search

                  And I’ve tried playing with the color values but can’t get the right combination.

                  I changed the background color to match the rest of the site, however the text (links) disappear. So I changed what I thought was the text color to white, but it only changes the vertical line. I haven’t gone venturing to find out where the link color attribute is, but I don’t want it to affect the entire site. And honestly, I don’t know how to add the link attributes within the script for this widget alone.

                  I try things on w3schools all the time, but with this it’s not so easy when working with a widget.

                  Thanks for your time!

                  1. Hi,

                    Replace current css with following:

                    let me know how it went.


            77. Karan says:

              Thanks got hold of it Saeed

            78. Vika says:

              Hej, is it possible to translate i.e. “read more” “archive” or “no comments” into german? most of the “about-words” are in german, but some are not and I cannot make out why this is like that…
              can you help me? that would be nice 🙂

            79. Karan says:


              I am facing in issue to set excerpts and figure images. Currently, my excerpts data overlaps the featured image.

              So, can tell me where and what to edit?

              1. karan,

                do you have a live site to see the actual problem?

                also, try deactivating all plugins to make sure it’s not a plugin-conflict.

                and, did you added any css codes to the Custom CSS box? please copy those here if you added any.


            80. Matt says:

              Hi Saeed,

              I’ve got an odd problem with this theme but couldn’t find an answer in the thread. For some reason, my responsive menu isn’t clickable at all. I’ve tried it on my desktop, laptop, iPad and iPhone and as soon as the responsive menu appears, I can click it as much as I want but nothing happens. If my client finds this out, I will have a problem on my hands so trying to fix it quickly. : )

              – matt

              1. Hi,

                Seems like you changed some codes in the header.php file



                Let me know how it went!


            81. Frank says:

              Hi Saeed, i want to change the “comment-reply-title”:
              —-Hinterlasse eine Antwort—
              the text on the “send” button and also change the text in between:
              —Deine E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. Erforderliche Felder sind markiert *—
              —Du kannst folgende HTML-Tags benutzen—
              Regards, Frank

            82. hanzala says:

              bro saeed i need to change the foorer rights. how could it be chage in
              in Spacious: Theme,
              thank u..

            83. Sam Lockhart says:

              Hi – I’m trying to change the text colour on this theme as i changed the background colour to black.

              The existing text colour is dark grey and i need it to be white throughout the site.

              Any ideas for an amateur?

              1. Hi Sam,

                do you have a working url to show me? it would be much easier to solve if i can see the codes.

                btw, how did you change the background color? used the dark style from the Theme Option? or changed the css styles?

                waiting for your reply!


            84. Shan says:

              Hi Saeed

              I would like to remove the post area on the homepage. As the gap is to big and if I don’t have a post there then I get a search opposite, which I don’t want either. Please help. I really love this theme as it really workable with many options. Thank you

              1. Hi there,

                sorry to say that i didn’t get your question correctly, can you please detail it?


            85. Tansy Roberts says:

              Hello, this may be something very simple but I just cant see for looking. Can you tell me how to remove the search box from each page?

              Many thanks

              1. Hi,

                you mean at the top? or in the footer?

                anyway, both are added through widgets.

                just got to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets.

                drag search widget into left side to disable.

                for the top one – the widget area is “Header Right Sidebar”

                bottom one will be in Footer Widgets (i guess!)

                hope you got it!


            86. Andra says:

              Hi Saeed,
              I have a problem with the spacious theme. The home page it’s not working properly. I have the slider with the images but in the content of the page it doesn’t show the page that I set as static page. It shows me the latest posts. I tried everything.
              Could you help me please with some ideas?
              Thank you,

              1. Hi,

                it’s pretty easy.

                just make a Page from your dashboard. add the contents there you want. un-check the ‘comments’ and ‘trackback & pingbacks’ option while you make that page. you can also change it’s layout to full-width (or any other available option) from that page – through the right side “Select Layout” option.

                publish that one.

                then, go to Dashboard -> Settings -> Reading.
                in the Front page displays, choose “A static page”, and choose the page you just made there.

                that’s it.

                check your site now, it will be all okay.

                still have any doubts? feel free to ask.


            87. Anjels says:

              How to control the text under the three icons in homepage? I tried adding tag in each page so as to filter a particular content to be displayed in homepage, but this did not work. Please guide me through this.

              Thanks in advance.

              1. Hi,

                Apologies for the delay.

                those are all added via widgets. please take a look at this page –

                the developer detailed it very well there.

                in case, if you still have queries that are not detailed there, feel free to ask here, i will try my best to smile you 🙂


            88. Ab says:


              How can i add the search widget on top of the menu?

              1. Hi Ab,

                I apologise for the delay. I have attached a picture in this comment. In this picture you can find how to change position for the search plugin.

                Change position for the search plugin. ©madalinm

            89. Walle says:

              in spacious is possible deleted responsive?

              1. Hi Walle,

                I apologise for the delay. You can delete the responsive part, but only from code main. However it is not recommended.

                Best regards,

                Madalin Milea

            90. Amy Yellis says:

              Hi, I’m having trouble and I’m hoping you can help. I am trying to put Facebook comments on each post since most of my business is through Facebook. However, I can’t seem to make comments show up at all. I’ve checked all the settings, and there should be comments on my posts as far as I can tell.

              1. Hi Amy,

                Can you please give me more details regarding that problem?

                How do you try to do this? With a plugin or in code?

                Best regards,

                Madalin Milea

            91. andrea says:

              I created a child theme for “Spacious” and activated it. Everything is pulling in right except for the widgets on the right sidebar. I thought it was because I had activated the child theme, so I went back to the main theme, and the right sidebar widget is still appearing above the navigation. The right sidebar widget that is showing below the navigation is an older version that I have updated since a long time ago.

              I also updated the theme, do you think this is what has cause the issue?

              I don’t know how to fix it, any help would be appreciated!


            92. andrea says:

              Never mind I fixed it! It was that my previous settings somehow copied into “header sidebar” . I removed it. now it’s working.

            93. andrea says:

              Ok, it’s me again with the same issue. After removing the widgets from the ‘header sidebar’ I saved it. and when I went to “visit site” they revert back to the header sidebar position. After “visit site” I go back to the widgets page, and I find that the widgets in the “header sidebar” have returned even after I had deleted them.

              I’m doing all of this in the child theme. Is there something from the parent theme that is coming in that I should delete?

              1. Hi Andrea,

                The theme was probably affected by the update. It is difficult to say whether something should be deleted.

                Now you have two choices.

                1) Make sure that you have the latest version of wordpress and for your theme, and then you can create a new child theme (then you can change what you want).

                2) Try to go back to the older version of the theme, one that does not have problems.

                Best regards,

                Madalin Milea

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