Live chat tools have been around for quite some time now, and there’s no doubting that many visitors look for that helpful chat box to pop up at the bottom of their screen. If you want to add one to your site, this quick roundup of some of the best live chat tools can help.

The features that are common to many of these best live chat tools include customizable chat boxes, accessible chat history, ticketing system, offline messaging, integration with third-party apps, chat routing and chat administrative options. Importantly, most of these tools offer free trials. As for WordPress users, in most cases, helpful plugins are available to get these tools working on your website.

Note: We’ve used this live chat software guide written by us as reference.

Here are 10 of the best live chat tools for 2020

1. LiveChat

Best Live Chat Tools - LiveChat

Live Chat gives you an overview of chats by putting all the conversations from multiple websites on a single dashboard. Agents can track visitors in real time, initiate conversations and transfer chats among themselves.

You can group agents into departments, and rely on canned responses and sneak peek to beat down response time. The chat box can be customized extensively, and email transcripts / complete history of previous chats is a click away. Plus, once you set up your eCommerce goals, you can track those too.


Price: LiveChat is a fully premium solution, though there’s a 30 day free trial. Starter plans come at $16/seat/month and Team plans at $33/seat/month, billed annually. Separate rates are also available for Business and Enterprise plans.

Best for: High traffic enterprise-level businesses. The management features such as supervision of chats and assigning privileges to users will surely prove useful, as will the analytics and lead generation.

2. Zendesk


ZenDesk has the easiest-to-install chat software and a vast feature set that can handle thousands of tickets 24/7. What’s even better is that it integrates all your support channels, such as chat, voice and social media.

It’s great that ZenDesk has minimal restrictions for free users and permits basic customization of chat box and a 14 day chat history access. That limit goes away completely for premium plans.


Aside from that, premium plans also support advanced customization, automatic triggers, chat transfer between agents, chat routing, conversion tracking, and real time monitoring. You’ll have no trouble keeping tabs on all chat-related information from a single screen, setting up eCommerce goals and tracking sales.

Price: Charges are on a per agent basis, with a totally free Lite Plan. Mid-level websites should find the Team or Professional Plan at $19 and $35 suitable.

Best for: Zendesk is one of the best live chat tools for a wide range of businesses, whether small or large. It can be a good fit for 24/7 online service portals that need wide knowledge bases and FAQ searches. If you can do without some fancy features, the free plan may suffice for smaller websites that need to keep only one chat going at a time.

3. Pure Chat

pure chat

Next up on our list of best live chat tools is Pure Chat. It supports unlimited chats, allowing three operators to chat from a central dashboard. All this and more for free, while you get even more if you upgrade. Visitors can get in touch with the right person quickly by assigning departments to chats.

Using their editor, you can change how your chat widget looks. You’ll have access to unlimited chat history and canned responses. However, for real-time visitor analytics, visitor tracking, white labeling, trigger-based actions and alerts, and for use on unlimited websites, you’ll need to upgrade.


Price: There’s a free plan with multiple useful features. If those aren’t enough for you, the pro plan is $79 per month, billed annually.

Best for: Pure Chat may be the go-to solution for sales/marketing teams that need dedicated live chat operators for pre-sales or support. You’ll not need to worry about per agent cost or chat limits.

4. Olark


Olark’s free plan includes a single agent and 20 chats per month. Once you upgrade, you’ll get features for customization, automation, and reporting.

The chat box is customizable, and detailed chat history can be accessed from the searchable and filterable chat archives. Automation helps to greet visitors, show/hide the chat box, and makes it easy to distribute chats and monitor team performance. You’ll be able to show canned responses, enable visitors to rate chats and undertake pre-chat surveys.


Price: There’s a free plan that gives you access to rather limited features. At $17 per month per agent, there’s no limit on the number of live conversations. Instead, your price is linked to the size of your chat team. Additionally, PowerUps that add features like visitor co-browsing and visitor insights from social profiles are available at flexible monthly subscription.

Best for: Olark is well-suited for any business looking to grow since it helps to capture leads, increase sales and provide support.

5. WP Live Chat Support

WP Live Chat Support is a fully functional chat plugin to install on your WordPress site, making it one of the best live chat tools for full website integration. The core plugin allows you to talk to any number of visitors at the same time.

You can drag the chat box anywhere on your screen, customize it and add animations.

Not only that, you can set it so the chat box shows up only to registered users.

Offline chat messages are stored, and you can always access historical chat records.


If you need more features, a pro add-on is available for a one-time/monthly payments. This gives you unlimited chat agents who can chat between themselves and transfer chats, canned responses and automatic chat triggers. Moreover, you’ll be able to track visitor activity on site and peek at what they’re typing. You can add your company logo, user profile and photo to the chat box, as well as use emojis and social icons.

Price: WP Live Chat Support offers a great many features for free. You can unlock pro features for a monthly payment of $15/$42/$135 for 1/3/10 websites. One-time pricing is also available. Extensions such as SMS or Zapier integration come at extra cost.

Best for: WP Live Chat Support is a great option for websites that need a totally free solution for multiple simultaneous chats, without worrying about agent / chat counts.

6. Tidio


With Tidio active on your website, you can reply to your customers in seconds using live chat, email, and Messenger. You’ll find all messages in one simple dashboard.

Three operators can use it free, forever. Also for free are features such as canned responses, mobile apps for quick, unlimited tracking and export of visitor data. Your chat widget can be customized and all previous chats can be accessed.


In the Automation Plan, chatbots act on triggers to save your abandoned carts, offer discounts, generate leads, and much more. Likewise, in the Communicator Plan you’ll have access to sneak peek, viewed pages and live visitor list.

Price: Besides the free plan that supports three operators, the Automation Plan and Communicator Plan come at $15 (each) per month for three operators for use on different websites.

Best for: Any website really, from single agent websites that monitor chats on the go for free to big businesses needing automation.


Another multi-channel option on this list of best live chat tools is It cuts down response times by retaining chat history in the chat window. You can keep visitors engaged with chat invitations, pre-chat surveys, chat ratings and file sharing, all from a customizable chat box. Chat history can be accessed from a searchable and filterable archive.

Chats are routed automatically or manually, and many agents can jump into a chat and exchange private notes among themselves. Moreover, the tool is developer friendly, allowing access to a Developer Console.


Price: keeps it simple at $10/agent/month for use on any number of websites and access to the full feature set. While it offers no free plan, it does offer a 14 day free trial.

Best for: Features such as sneak peek, canned responses, viewable visitor information, tracking unsolved chats with stars and multi-channel integration make this tool a great fit for customer support.

8. Comm100


Comm100 helps you run multiple chat campaigns with different buttons, designs and rules for different visitors or websites. The chat window is customizable and chat history is accessible, though retention period varies with the plan you choose. Besides, you can have email transcripts of your chats and export them to your local system.

What makes Comm100 a standout is the audio-video chat function that allows agents to type even as they speak.


Agents can monitor, segment and ban visitors, as well as interact among themselves. Admins can supervise chats, automate chat distribution, set agent permissions and join in a chat. Also included in the feature list are analytics that provide insight into conversions, agent productivity and more, as well as integrations and security features.

Price: Three plan options are available with varying feature access levels – Team ($29), Business ($49) and Enterprise. The rates are per agent per month. Comm100 offers a 15 day free trial, but no free plan.

Best for: Enterprise grade multi channel platforms that provide live chat and ticketing such as Contact Center, Customer Support, Sales and Marketing. Integration with other channels and AI platforms can offer personalized chat experiences to customers.


tawk chat software is free, fast and reliable with unlimited agents / chat options. With 1880+ emoji and support for 27 languages, it also offers unlimited chat history, chat tagging, ticketing system and stats. Probably a great choice if you’re looking for the best live chat tools that are also free.

The administrative features include assigning user roles, creating departments, showing online and offline status, and creating and managing triggers. There’s more to come with screen sharing, automated translation and in-chat payments in beta mode.


Price: You can use for free, forever. However, to remove branding, you’ll need to pay $9/month. Video and audio are also premium features.

Best for: Any customer support team that needs fast, reliable and scalable live chat.

10. Intercom


For a complete solution to engage, support and build customer relationships, Intercom’s Live Chat feature may be the one to beat in this list of best live chat tools.

You’ll be able to manage conversations from multiple channels and choose when and to whom to show the chat box. Chatbots use visitor browsing information, data integrations and automated workflows to target visitors and run personalized drip campaigns. Further, agents can collaborate among themselves and route appropriate chats to sales or schedule meetings. As for visitors, they can check out the help centers before starting a conversation.


Price: Intercom is a fully premium solution, but you can try their packages for free for 14 days. “Essential” starts from $136 per month and “Pro” starts from $202 per month.

Best for: Any customer support platform that relies on user behavior and intelligent targeting to understand and benefit from customer interaction.

That concludes our list of the best live chat tools that offer an effective live communication channel right on your website. Any favorites?